If you are suffering acne, eczema, or something else that causes redness it's best not to wear make. Leave your skin to rest a couple days so it can breath, recover and heal. 

But of course if you have redness in your face you would do nothing else then to cover it up. 
Here are some tips how to reduce and cover up redness:
* Use zinc oxide ointment as a spot corrector or overnight facial mask (see the tab "Genius dermatics")
* Next day: 
If it's acne: take a shower or wash your face (use water only) and use a facial scrub to remove the dead cells.  Please don't scrub too hard, it will make your face red and can damage your skin (tips for how to make your own scrub will be up soon!)
If it's rash: do NOT use a scrub, it will worsen the skin condition. Mix a drop of menthol oil or tea tree oil (unsweetened) with your day cream. It might burn your skin when adding too much, so be careful! 
* Use of make-up: The best make up for sensitive skin is those without perfume, antioxidants and preservatives. Foundation almost always contains preservatives, because it's water based and water is a very good growth medium for microbes. Instead of water based foundation you can use oil based foundation. The disadvantage is that it might clog your pores and very often also contains preservatives, which can worsen acne. So I would say, no foundation. What could help with covering up your redness is making your own foundation by mixing a bit of covering powder with your own day cream, you can make a little stock but it's only good for a week. If you have a pimple I would advice powder with zinc oxide ointment. I will add a tip on how to make your own foundation soon. There are also advices for the usage of powders, since they also contain additives those might induce allergies.

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