Traveling - the Grand Canyon

Today we were at the Grand canyon. Honestly we were not impressed since they were having controlled ecological burns. It was terrible, smug hung in the canyons and you couldn't really see the deepness. It ruined our pictures! We also find Bryce canyon much more impressive and much more beautiful. And the place was crowded with Japanese and french people. But also Dutch people. Why are Dutch people everywhere? They are like Chinese.. Okay I'm complaining to much.. Haha one of those moments. Anyhow, we spend a full day in the G Canyon, it was fun though.
And now we are in Barstow, Ca. I have no clue where it is, never heard of it.
But here are some pictures of the Grand Canyon.

 I look so fat
  Stupid smog

 I don't know what this is but I like the picture
 We ate green stuff without dressing
Can you see the fire/smoke?
 I think I look cute on this picture

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