Chicago architecture!

I am still exploring this wonderful city.. The more I get to know it, the better I realize what an exclusive city Chicago is. Chicago has got everything, except for a River Island :(
I think it's really exclusive that a city as big as Chicago has both skyscrapers ordinated tightly and a beach. There are not a lot of big cities which have that. Its like, you look left and see Miami beach, look right you see New York. And apparently Chicago has 3 of the highest buildings in America. The top 5: first is Willis tower, second is Trump tower, number 3 and 4 is dedicated to NY and number 5 is the Aon tower. Look it up on Wikipedia (Tallest buildings in the US). Chicago is also known for their architecture. I love France, I love France for it's food, it's charms and especially its architecture. And what I love even more about Chicago is that they also have french architecture. The french Parisian buildings, but 5 stories higher. It's really cool to see.

 The building on the right is my favorite. And the one with the gold statue is also cool
Focussing on the river. 

Also I started jogging systematically again, really weird but I still am in good shape. I can still hit the track for 1 hour straight :) I guess I am a natural sportswoman. I run on the lake shore, that's a long street alongside the lake. A lot of people run alongside lake shore, there's a park, the beach and sports clubs where they play al different kinds of sports. Again you have left Miami and right New York. I really love running that track.

Michigan avenue is the best street for label lovers, like me. With major department stores like Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, Saks fifth avenue, Neiman Marcus and Barneys the famous Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Jimmy Choo are just the start of what you are looking for and I didn't mention the label stores yet which are just a block away. Slowly but easily I am falling in love with Chi-town.

As you can see in my picture, Chi-town also has a river! During St. Patricks day, I don't know who; colours the river green. But it's really cool to see. I'll add a picture to this blog soon.

I love the food in Chicago. Like I've said before, I have been vegetarian the past view weeks. But Chi-town has the best vegetarian food. And starting today I am eating meat again and I swear I just love chicken... I wish I could eat chicken everyday. But I might go back to being vegetarian pretty soon...

 I love these parking lots, some of them go 20 stories high! Imagine the road to the top floor could be 4 miles.

 ING Bank in Chitown!! Too bad I have ABN Amro

 Eating Pasta at Lake view! 10 minutes walking from my apartment...

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