1,5 month!

I can't believe I'm in the US for 1.5 month already.
I will say it again I really love it here and I am slowly falling in love with Chi-town! It's such a big city and so much to do. I made a new friends, lots of them..
I joined a social club, meetup, to get to know woman new in Chi-town. I went 1 time and I've already met people who I would like to hang out with. Since one of the woman is German, we went football watching on Sunday. I was staring at the Netherlands-Portugal screen and the rest of the group to the Germany-Denmark screen. It was fun, but after the games was even more fun. We went to the Navy pier and rent a 4 persons bike and biked along the lake. Wow it was such a tough job! It was seriously a 1 hour workout. But we had soooo much fun, you should have seen us! Haha, I would definitely recommend doing that, wherever you are. Biking makes a city so much fun!
One, she is from Italy, doing a post doc at Loyola, dragged me to a house party on Sunday night. Yeay! it was my first house experience in the city, with amazing European Dj's shaking up the dance floor. I loved it! Although so controversy that I smelled weed everywhere. And the weed did not smell good, it smelled like cheap stuff (at least not like the dutch weed). Disgusting! But I did enjoy the party, and everyone in the club was excited and dancing. So here I am really groggy writing a report (and this in between). And I have a lot to do, so I will probably be here till late, sleeping in front of the computer or just hating my life.

Some of you I told before, but I am trying to lose 5 kilogrammes. This is hard! Omg, I still haven't lost anything. That's one thing I hate about the/my body, I don't gain or lose weight, doesn't matter how hard I try.. Pff.. So I am living on 3 meals per day and no snacks, and I took 1/4th off of my meals. And I work out 2 days a week and bike from time to time half way to work (45 minutes biking). I am so hungry... I don't know for how long I will survive. I'll keep trying another 2 weeks or so and if I still don't lose anything I'll just go back to my normal diet. What's the use cutting of calories if you're not losing weight, right?

And another thing, they offered me a PhD program to finish my research project! Yeay!! I am so happy.. It looks like I am going to be doing a specialisation after all and live in the US for a long time.. Which I don't mind at all. I just hope I can combine PhD with working as a pharmacist, cause the PhD salary is kind of poor.
Alright I am going back to work now. I'll post some pictures later. Or tomorrow.. I need sleep!!!


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