Hello there! Yohoo..
I am in CHI-town!!
After two weeks being here, I have finally decided to start blogging about my new city. Chicago, I am new to you; Chicago, I should get used to you; Chicago, I will dine you; Chicago, I know I will love you. My first impression about Chicago wasn't 100% positive. Probably because I went from the most hypermodern country in the world to America. The elevator of the university I do my internship at is so last season, the way people dress here is so last season, the food people eat is so last season. My apartment is so last season!! Even mail delivery is so last season. Or maybe they can blame the crisis :)
But Chicago is a rich city and a very big city. I don't notice a lot of poverty, average number of beggars, - skyscrapers, expensive shops, labels, expensive food, BMW, Jaguars.. Everything we have in Holland is here and yes, even more..

Just an ordinary high building in downtown
View from the chrome peanut
Do you see the city in the peanut?
And of course in-despicable me

I live in Lakeview, with the subway 15 minutes up north from downtown. Lakeview is also known as the gay area of Chicago, meaning if a very attractive man stares at me it's because I look foreign or dress foreign, or have something hanging from my nose. But I love gay people, especially the men, they make me feel safe. I must say Chicago is a very liberal city, everybody does what he/she wants, no one cares; people bike, the sun is shining, there is a beach with fresh water, a FREE zoo with uncountable more animals than Artis (Amsterdam's zoo which cost 17,50 euros). The food in Chicago is excellent, the people are friendly, public transportation is good, there is so much positive about Chicago...
During summer Chicago has the most festivals in whole America and it's famous for it. I already have tickets to Lollapalooza and the line-up is very variated and very up to date. There is an awakening (without the s) a house-techno festival, 2 days of none stop partying, and a shocking amount of good Djs. I really hope I will find a techno fan to go with or else I'll go solo.

My internship is great! Except the mouse killing part I really love what I am doing. Yes I've became an animal killer. But I have to do surgery, take the heart out of the mouse's body, hang the heart in a glass/plastic system and try to keep it alive. All within 5 minutes. If the heart dies on me, another mouse dies on me.. Yep, you can label me animal killer. But the whole idea and the action of doing it made me vegetarian, but only for a short period. Right now at home I can still smell raw and still get nauseous thinking about the surgery. It's not the cutting that makes me sick, it's the - seeing the mouse panicking because he/she knows death is near - that makes me sick. I honestly think the mouse knows what is going to happen. Ugh! *rolleyesKady* But as regarding its contents I really like this research project. And my collegues are really nice! Especially the PhD students group. They are so funny!

Ow shoot, it's 1.24.. I gotta sleep!
I'll get back at ya..


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